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"I believe the Imagination is a living, breathing portal to all existing realms of reality." ~Savvy

Inspired Visions

The visions that find me, are sentient. I feel it in my bones, I see it in the synchronicity around me.  I see intelligence in the eyes of the creatures who manifest amidst the farthest reaches of my wondering mind. These aren't just the fantastical conjurings from a childlike sense of wonder... these beings are kindred spirits, manifesting themselves to one another. Becoming aware of their vibrational family through active meditation. 

They choose to reveal themselves to me as much as I do them. Together, we form a psychic bridge across space and time. 

With my art I hope to elucidate the tangible magick of imagination. If you can see it in your minds eye... it is most certainly seeing YOU, too.

 In this big, bad, beautiful multiverse, everything 'IS'.

...I invite you to ignite your inner child with a dance across the universe of my mind...


I am inspired daily by the intricacies of this holographic tapestry we call life. 

The psycho-spiritual connections and archetypes that govern an ever blooming fractal of glimmering facets.

Each reflecting and refracting fragments of the whole. Synchronicities guide me to peace. 

The Sacred Flower coloringbook, by Savvy, was the first of its kind. Published 9 years ago!


 Original artworks 

 Custom design


 Gallery reproductions 

 Live painting

 ~Good vibes~



Delicately precise brush strokes and movements intricately intertwine to create a masterful work of art. 

For this reason my commissions are reviewed and assessed for their rapport with my style.

Each commission request is reviewed and considered.  If your idea is initially rejected, I will work with you to create a design that encompasses your design desires.

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Savvy Surreal